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Countryside  Modular Tiles 2

Countryside Modular Tiles 2

11 Different pieces of highly detailed farmland scenery. Works just as good for the Age of Sigmar/40K battle as it does for the roleplaying campaign. This is how you make your game come alive!


Pick Between:

Big A, Big B, Big 

Medium A, Medium B, Medium C 

Small A, Small B, Small C  

Corner A, Corner B 


Styles of Crop:





Big are 34x34mm in 28mm scale, 40x40mm in 32mm

Medium are 34x17mm in 28mm scale, 40x20mm in 32mm

Small are 17x17mm in 28mm scale, 20x20mm in 32mm

Corner are 17x17mm in 28mm scale, 20x20mm in 32mm


Pick between:

28mm or 32mm scale


We do not sell STL Files you can only buy printed on demand finished miniatures from us. 
All miniatures are shipped unpainted and unassembled no base included unless specified. 
For paint commisions please write in chat or send us an e-mai

PriceFrom 1,00 €