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Spells set

Spells set

"With a loud BAAM, KAPOOW and a SHIUYRESAWTS the enemies was defeted"

Now dont you agree it would have been cooler with a set of effects showing what happend?

Look no further as here they are!


A set of 12 different magic effects:
Eldritch Blast
Magic Shield
Fire Spell

Magic Missile


Electric Spell

Earth Spell

Hunter`s Mark


Magic Armor


Ice Spell


We do not sell STL Files you can only buy printed on demand finished miniatures from us. 
All miniatures are shipped unpainted and unassembled no base included unless specified. 
For paint commisions please write in chat or send us an e-mail

The minis are: 30 - 90 mm tall

Suggested base size: no base needed


Sculpted by Cast n Play

14,00 €Price